Office Relocation

Allied Logistics

We can move your organization, be it large or small, with minimal disruption.

Our vast experience in office relocations makes us your number one choice, when it comes to this stressful time. We understand the importance of being able to carry on with your day-to-day activities without disturbance, and as such, we will work to your time periods & intervals, be it day, or night.

We contemplate a move as a significant project, and have invested in our own employees to make certain they have been educated in the skills required to the highest level to complete such tasks.

Allied Logistics can offer real time tracking of ALL packages, at 3 different stages of the office. This is usually required for confidential materials, or materials of high value.

Our employees are highly motivated and skilled, and will guide you and your staff throughout the relocation process, to ensure minimal disturbance, and ease of transition.


11 Dec

A Letter of Praise

Approximately three months ago my wife and I after viewing five removals quotes and meeting all of the providers decided to go with Marcus Maguire at...